Guidelines for sending material for HbP analysis

The general indications for HbP analysis are:

For thalassemia and HbE carriers: slight or moderate microcytic hypochromic indices, with normal or slightly lower Hb values without iron deficiency or not improving after iron therapy.
For HbS, C en D carriers: in about 2/3 of HbS carriers only slightly abnormal indices are present. For these cases only the family history or the ethnical origin may provide an indication (African, Asiatic, or Mediterranean origin). Also Northern-Europeans may be carriers of abnormal hemoglobin or thalassemia (a-, b-thalassemia and HbD).

For a routine analysis send 10cc of fresh EDTA (Complexon) blood by fast mail every day of the week to the LUMC O&O building, Einthovenweg 20, Leiden. No appointment is needed but a thoroughly filled in request form is essential. The preliminary diagnosis based upon hematological and biochemical results can be given by e-mail or by telephone after approximately 1 week. The formal report including the DNA results will be sent to you by mail in about 3 months, after completion of the DNA analysis. In case of priority (hydrops foetalis or pre-operative HbS diagnosis) a result can be requested by telephone one working day after the sample has been delivered.

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